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Representative Judy Burges receives charter membership to the Arizona Freedom Caucus which is modeled after the House Freedom Caucus chaired by our own conservative champion Andy Biggs. Congressman Biggs has been a breath of fresh air and Arizona is blessed to have two great leaders that constantly stand up for their state and nation.

Endorsements for Representative Judy Burges

Honorable Jerry Weiers/Mayor Glendale
Honorable Warren Peterson
Honorable David Gowan
Honorable Sonny Borrelli
Honorable Kelli Townsend
Honorable Russell Pearce
Honorable Paul Gosar
Honorable Andy Biggs (2020)
Honorable Debbie Lesko
Honorable Trent Franks
Honorable Leo Biasiucci/Whip
Honorable Joe Chaplik
Honorable Jackie Parker
Honorable Neal Carter
Honorable Beverly Pingerelli
Honorable Mark Finchem
Arizona Free Enterprise Club
Arizona Republican Assembly
Pachyderm Coalition
Honorable Royce Flora/Treasurer
Honorable Brenda Barton
The Mommy Lobby
Center for Arizona Policy (2020)

What’s at Stake?

For 240 years, America continued to grow into the richest nation in the world under the banner of freedom. We became a nation unlike any other thriving well beyond our Forefather’s dreams.

Yet, a shadow has fallen across this land spreading dissension and separation challenging everything we have known as good and right. Our most precious Constitution suffers many cuts from those trying to remove it altogether claiming it is obsolete. The torch of the Statue of Liberty still burns but now appears to be flickering under a heavy burden with many waiting to snuff it out altogether.

arizona state capitol building

As with all great cultures, America is at a crossroads whether to sustain the gift of individual freedom or fall under the sword of tyranny. Turning a blind eye and pretending everything is fine isn’t working for me. As your state legislator, my job is to protect your family, your homes, and your freedoms while standing in the gap between an overreaching government continually seeking more of your hard-earned money for an endless list of government run programs that solve nothing, but create debt and over-barance upon the citizens government claims to care for and protect.

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Your job as a citizen, and one our founders would applaud, is to stand against the evils of men and government wherever they may be lurking to bring seizure and control over freedoms guaranteed by our sacred Constitution and Bill of Rights, and to honor our Declaration of Independence from such tyranny hundreds of years ago from the same mind-set as we see raising its diabolical head again!

In our schools under the guise of Critical Race Theory, in our churches purporting that God is dead and human life doesn’t matter, in our business world claiming ethics isn’t important but the bottom line is, in our politics where honor and your word means little, especially if deception and lies get the office holder to move up the ladder to their next position. It’s 1776 all over again!

It is time to take back our legislative authority, as well as protect our state and country. It is time to make darn certain that those running for public office claiming they want to represent us have a proven track record of conservative principles that matches their verbiage.

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Rep. Judy Burges

Judy Burges Photo
  • Vice Chairman-Water and Energy

  • Member-Government

  • Member-Military Affairs and Public Safety

Representative Judy Burges is an award winning un-apologetic conservative. She was first elected in 2005 while residing in Yavapai County then redistrict to Yavapai-Maricopa Legislative District #4. Robert and Judy raised their 3 children in Yavapai County, their children still live in Yavapai County, and are all productive members of the community.

The Burges were members of many of the local organizations and very active in local politics. Representative Burges served as historian for the local Yavapai Republican Women’s Club before being elected to the House of Representative. She also served as the Yavapai Republican Party’s First Vice Chairman. Their roots are deep in this community.

As a legislator, she feels that it is her job is to stand in the gap between We the People and an ever-expanding government that seeks to constantly raise your taxes and impose increasing bureaucratic burdens on individuals and business. great description of the Biden administration-more regulation, higher taxes, and impossible mandates. With 31 Republican members in the House and 16 Republican members in the Senate, we need more real conservatives in the legislature.

On the Issues

Border Security

united states - mexico international border

A nation without a border is a nation that shall cease to exist. By the end of 2021, over two million illegal, unskilled immigrants from 190 countries will have passed through our border carrying with them many diseases that were nearly eradicated with the use of modern medicines. Highly toxic drugs such as Chinese manufactured fentanyl are flooding across our border, also and coming into simple contact with this heinous substance can cause death!
Human trafficking has increased 550% and Mr. Biden has lost 30% of the children crossing the border into life styles leading to their ruination. The cartels profits, various businesses profit, self-serving politicians profit, but the children suffer!

Can states enforce immigration laws? A Memo by the U.S. Justice Dept. under Attorney General Ashcroft makes it clear local law enforcement can enforce immigration laws without restriction or permission. It is past time to put politics aside, start enforcing the laws that protect our citizens, and restore the dignity for those who seek asylum in the United States but in accordance with our already written laws. It is also time elected officials step-up and protect the citizens who placed them into office, and regard the oaths of office each swore.


arizona drought for water

Concerns are that current bills would give state domain over virtually all water usage in Arizona. These bills have the potential to fundamentally erode the ability of citizens, county, and local governments to manage their own water resources. And what about the avalanche of new un-funded mandates to envelop state and local governments.

Should state government have the ability to drive up costs to grow crops, provide water to cities, operate and maintain water storage and delivery facilities, produce energy (including renewable power,) build and maintain public transportation systems, deliver affordable goods and services to consumers and carry out virtually any activity that occurs on the land without state agencies constantly threatening to interfere.

Is it possible that the Governor’s plan would virtually impact every business or job-creating activity in the state negatively?

Tell Ducey NO to metering your well and quit the power grab.

Voter Integrity

voters ballots arizona

Not only must we re-assert our legislative authority and demand complete justice be served investigating what appears to be by all accounts, an inside crime of the century, and bring to justice those guilty of such crimes. It is time, we as legislators representatives of the People, fulfill our sacred oath to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States, and our beloved State of Arizona, from ALL enemies!

Knowing how to fight back against this insidious crime of fraud is key to our success.

2nd Amendment

gun safe arizona - judy burges 2nd amendment

On December 15, 1791, our Forefathers wrote into the Constitution the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms. It simply but profoundly reads: A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bears Arms, shall not be infringed.

Our founders knew well what occurs when a citizenry is unarmed, unprotected from the State or any foreign power. Our founders knew well what it was like to live under diabolical rule by a monarch and centralized government. Our founders knew well the results of citizens not able to protect themselves from all aggression most clearly from governmental office holders who get-off on power and dictating. Our founders knew well what it was like to live in a domestic state of terrorism with ever encroaching mandates leaving citizens merely subjects of the State. We are close to returning to such a time, and our founders would be cheering each and every one of us who stood and defended the rights and freedoms they presented to us if we would but keep them. Simply look at Australia and countries where the state has full and complete say with no fear of push back from the citizens; where citizens have been conformed like sheep to simply exist by the heavy hand of the ruler.

I am privileged to have helped make Arizona rank number #1 in our nation for the 2nd Amendment right. As a senior member of your Arizona Legislature, I am not the least bit hesitant to stand for our right to bear arms nor to have such right infringed upon in any manner.

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We invite you to be a part of Judy’s campaign for senator. There are a number of ways in which you can help the campaign – from helping to spread the word to volunteering. Just enter your information and we will be sure to let you know about upcoming activities in your area and other ways you can help.

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